Silver And Gold: Best Buy In 20 Years?


Silver And Gold: Best Buy In 20 Years?

Monthly Silver:Gold Ratio

This chart looks at the silver/gold ratio over the past 30- ears. Historically, when the ratio is heading higher it sends a message to be long and strong gold and silver.

When the ratio is heading lower, historically it’s been a great time to avoid gold and silver. The ratio has been heading lower since the highs back in 2011, suggesting it’s not the time to buy and hold silver and gold.

The decline in the ratio over the past 7-years has it currently testing the 1995 lows as well as a potential support line at (2).

Best time to buy Silver & Gold in the past 25-years? The ratio needs to find support and rally at (2) if it is to send a strong buy signal to silver and gold.


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