Natural Gas Through Our $3.20 Target – What Next?


Our research team has been nailing the markets moves with our proprietary price modeling tools. Our December 12, 2018 call that Natural Gas would collapse nearly 30% after reaching a price peak was a very bold call. Who would have thought that predictive price modeling could be so accurate and could identify a move like this – or call for what is expected to happen next?

Back when Natural Gas breached the $4.60~4.80 range, our ADL predictive modeling system was suggesting a massive price anomaly was setting up. These types of triggers are becoming more common as volatility in the general markets increases. The ADL system suggested that a massive -30% downside price move would happen before the end of February 2019.

Now, as that trade has completed and our targets have been reached, we are alerting our followers that Natural Gas should begin to consolidate between $2.80 and $3.30 before attempting to rocket back above $4.00 near April or May 2019.

Natural Gas Through Our $3.20 Target – What Next?

Natural Gas Chart


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