Nasdaq Price Anomaly Sets Up


Our research team has been alerting our followers to a potentially deep price retracement setting up in the Nasdaq and other US stock-market majors. Although the recent price activity has pushed to newer recent highs this week, as you will see in the chart below, our Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) price modeling system is suggesting that a “price anomaly” has set up.

These types of price anomalies are indicative of when price moves in an extended way outside of or away from the ADL predicted price levels. On the chart below, of NQ, you’ll see the current setup with the predicted price anomaly highlighted as a RED SQUARE. This NQ ADL price pattern consists of 13 unique previous ADL instances and suggests there is a greater than 65% likelihood the prices will fall towards the 6700 level in the NQ over the next few days.

Our ADL price modeling system also confirms this on the Weekly chart basis. With 84 unique instances of an ADL price pattern, we are expecting a 65 to 95% probability that prices will fall to below 6700 within the next 3 to 5 weeks.

Nasdaq Price Anomaly Sets Up

Nasdaq Composite

Both the Daily and Weekly ADL predictive modeling systems are suggesting that the upside move is over. The price anomaly could continue for a few more days, we’ve seen it happen in the past where price continues to push away from the ADL levels – this is what makes a price anomaly so exciting. When price moves away from levels that our ADL price modeling system suggests going to happen in the future, it allows us to set up trades expecting the price to REVERT back towards the ADL levels. So in this case, we can start setting up trades near 7300 for the NQ to retrace back to near 6700 – a 600 point swing.


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